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Is your country at risk of becoming a dictatorship? Here's how to know - Farida Nabourema


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Farida Nabourema has dedicated her life to fighting the military regime in Togo, Africa's oldest autocracy. She's learned two truths along the way: no country is destined to be oppressed -- and no country is immune to dictatorship. But how can you tell if you're at risk before it happens? In a stirring talk, Nabourema shares the four key signs of a dictatorship, along with the secret to defiance.

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Activist Farida Nabourema sheds light on the realities of living under dictatorship in Togo, highlighting the oppression, fear, and propaganda perpetuated by autocratic regimes. She emphasizes the importance of individual and collective resistance against tyranny and calls for global solidarity in the fight for freedom and democracy.

To learn more about human rights abuses and activism, check out Amnesty International- Togo.  Likewise, the Human Rights Watch World Report offers comprehensive coverage of human rights issues worldwide, including detailed reports on autocracy, propaganda, and militarization. 

Freedom House provides research and analysis on democracy, political freedom, and human rights around the world, offering valuable insights into the state of freedom and democracy in different countries. 

For examples and inspiration related to activism and fighting back against oppressive regimes, check out Jamila Raqib’s TED Talk “The Secret to Effective Nonviolent Resistance,” where she shares examples of creative strategies that have contributed to change around the world and speaks of hope for a future where violence becomes obsolete.  

The Square is a documentary that follows the stories of Egyptian activists involved in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and their struggles against authoritarian rule, providing a firsthand look at the power of collective action and resistance.

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