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Picture a perfect society. What does it look like? - Joseph Lacey


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A group of strangers have gathered to design a just society. To ensure none of them rig the system, they’ve been placed under a veil of ignorance. Under this veil, they’re blind to information about age, sex, profession, wealth, religion, and so on. Can they build a fair society where everyone has the resources they need? Joseph Lacey details John Rawls' classic thought experiment.

Watch the video and finish the Think section to complete the lesson.

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As democracies worldwide face mounting challenges, communities across the globe are mobilizing to reform systems and reignite civic culture. A key component of any healthy democratic society is quality civics education. Through content and supporting lesson materials curated and designed by experts in the field, Democracy Lab is designed to give users a strong understanding of what democracy is, but also the roll that engaged participation plays in helping it thrive.

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