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Setting up a collection

Choose your videos to add to your collection

To create a collection of your own, click on the + sign below a lesson. A “Manage Library” window will appear, and from there, you can set up and name a new collection by simply clicking “Create New.” You can also add videos to your existing collections as you plumb the depths of the TED-Ed Library.

Access and manage your collections

You’ve created a collection — but where did it go? You can find all your videos under the “Collections” tab on the main homepage. From here, you can edit, delete and organize all your collections. Let’s start building your library of Animations!

Share your collections

Whether it's to settle an argument with friends, prove to your parents that time spent on the internet is time well-spent, to make sure your students have the assignment resources they need, or to start a debate about your favorite Animations, TED-Ed collections are meant to be shared — and doing so couldn’t be simpler. To share a collection, click on the “share” sign below a lesson. A “Share Collection” pop-up will appear, and from there, you can share on social media, via email or by copying a link.

Need some inspiration?

Here are some TED-Ed created Collections.