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What would happen if you didn’t drink water? - Mia Nacamulli


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Water is essentially everywhere in our world, and the average human is composed of between 55 and 60% water. So what role does water play in our bodies, and how much do we actually need to drink to stay healthy? Mia Nacamulli details the health benefits of hydration.

Additional Resources for you to Explore

If you found it surprising that human babies are so watery, you’ll be fascinated by this article outlining humans drying out as they age.

We know that a portion of our daily water intake comes from food. So, how much water do different fruits and vegetables contain? This chart breaks it down, and here are the best fruits and vegetables for getting your H20.

For additional information on hydration, check out this simple breakdown and the EPA guidelines on water. You can also look here for a helpful, interactive diagram of ADH Function.

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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Mia Nacamulli
  • Director Chris Bishop
  • Narrator Addison Anderson

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