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The internet pioneer J.C.R. Licklider, called "Lick" by those who knew him, developed the idea of human-computer symbiosis. Published in 1960, his revolutionary paper "Man Computer Symbiosis" analyzed the possibility of enhancing human intellect by freeing it from mundane tasks."Intelligence amplification" refers to the use of technology to augment human intelligence. The term was based on writings by cybernetics pioneer William Ross Ashby and further developed by the inventor Douglas Engelbart (who also coined the term "Collective IQ").The talk, "Friction in the Machine: How Fluid Processes Allow Optimal Human-Computer Interaction" by Palantir Technologies explores whether computational power, human ingenuity, or some mix of the two is most effective in arriving at the most efficient solution.Learn more about how "meaningful adjacencies" were used in the 9/11 Memorial.