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Allocca asks, “Who could have predicted any of this?” It’s amazing to “rewind” from the way we currently experience moving images (video) to consider the first motion pictures, produced a little over a hundred years ago. Research the history of moving images. What advances in technology have changed the way people engage with film and video? What do you think will happen over the next hundred years? Share your findings and predictions in an exhibit—or, better yet, a video. Allocca describes a significant change in media over the past few decades: “unlike the one-way media of the 20th century, this community participation is how we become part of the phenomenon...we all now feel some ownership of our own pop culture.” Do you think that growing up in this kind of culture, with this kind of media, changes people’s expectations about other aspects of their lives, like school and work? If you substitute “education” for the words “media” and “pop culture” in the quotation above, does it ring true? Why or why not? YouTube Salon: Viral Video The New York Times: New layer of content amid chaos on YouTube (03/11/12)
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