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Goldin has this to say about government in the era of globalization: “We need to understand that the governance structure in the world is fossilized. It cannot begin to cope with the challenges that this [globalization] will bring. We have to develop a new way of managing the planet, collectively, through collective wisdom.” The United Nations is, arguably, one existing venue for ‘managing the planet, collectively, through collective wisdom.’ Research the history of the United Nations, the scope of its activities, its accomplishments and its failings. Do you think the UN could, with some modification, meet the needs that Goldin and others have articulated? Sponsor a debate or discussion with others who have investigated the question and compare your results. University of Oxford: James Martin 21st Century School Huffington Post: Only a new global system can handle a world of explosive risk (01/08/2010) YouTube: Professor Ian Goldin discusses the future (Voices From Oxford series) (11/10/2011)
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