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Defining hopes of preventing it - Daniel Garrie


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Can you imagine a future where wars are fought not with bombs and bullets but computer viruses and pacemaker shutdowns? Cyberware is unique in that it is not covered by existing legal framework and it often inspires more questions than we are yet capable of answering. Daniel Garrie ponders some of the practical and ethical dilemmas that may pop up as we progress towards our uncertain future.

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Cyberwarfare is an emerging and rapidly changing field. The jurisprudence on cyber warfare is a blank slate. What may have sounded farfetched and technical ten years ago is found in mainstream media almost daily (look no further than Vanity Fair or Homeland, not to mention the news).
While war is not a new topic, the battleground is moving from a physical location to a virtual one. Since armed conflict has existed as long as humankind there have been legal frameworks created to establish acceptable conduce during war.
Find out more about the existing laws around war.
There are many thought leaders exploring the issues surrounding cyber attacks and cyberwarfare. The Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare provides a peer-reviewed professional forum for the open discussion and education around the legal issues businesses and governments face arising out of cyber attacks or acts of cyberwarfare. You can download the latest edition with articles from thought leaders in various industries.
We are living in the age when a 16 or 28 year old cyber solider can deploy cyber arms from the comfort of a secure room halfway around the world from a target. Legislators and jurists often lack a firm grasp of the technology, yet we are relying upon them to develop the legal framework. Part of the challenge with creating laws around cyber warfare is getting leaders from around the world to agree on the laws. Governments around the globe have started focusing on establishing and training special groups to focus on cyber warfare.
The RAND Institute has the latest information on both the US efforts and those abroad in developing cyber defense programs, as well as the attempts at international cooperation.

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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Daniel Garrie
  • Animator Brett Underhill
  • Narrator Michelle Snow

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