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A Syrian Refugee's Story


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In this short film, Welcome to Canada, learn about a Syrian refugee’s story, Mohammed Alsaleh, who fled violence and imprisonment by the Assad regime during Syria’s Civil War. Mohammed was granted asylum and now lives in Canada where he counsels newly arrived Syrian refugee families. In this lesson, explore the themes of resilience, human rights, and cultural displacement.

Syria is a country that has been engulfed in a civil war since 2011, when the government responded violently to citizens who had taken to the streets to oppose the oppressive Syrian regime under President Bashar al-Assad. To date, refugees have been fleeing Syria in unprecedented numbers. Images and stories of refugees have flooded the media, which has helped to inform the world about the struggles taking place both within Syria and during refugees' search for freedom and safety outside the country.
An individual's story, like Mohammed's, told visually through a film, can help to comprehend larger issues, like war, by making it more accessible. By listening and reflecting upon one man's story, there is an opportunity to empathize and understand the refugee crisis in a humanizing way. 

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