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Letter vowels - WH and PH | Phonics for kids


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Digraphs are special combinations of letters. When two or more letters go together and create a whole new sound, this is called a digraph. For instance, when "S" and "H" go together they make the sound "SH" like in WISH or SHIP. Today you're going to find out what happens when the letter "H" forms a digraph with "W" and with "P." What do you think the new sounds will be?

Digraphs are unique combinations of letters. Understanding digraphs is important because it can impact how easily you are able to read and write words accurately. The more digraphs you are able to recognize immediately the quicker you will be able to read and write words-- and the more time you can spend on the fun stuff: like understanding a story or writing a story for others to read!

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