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Learn to read | Phonics for kids | Long vowels - OU and OY


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Vowels are special letters. A word cannot exist without a vowel! But sometimes, when vowels are paired up with different letters they can make unique sounds. These sounds are called vowel diphthongs. Today we're going to learn about what happens when O is paired up with Y, U, and W. We'll see what new sounds O can make and what words these sounds can help us to read and write!

Understanding and recognizing vowel diphthongs can help you in your reading and writing. The more easily you can recognize a vowel diphthong pattern, the more easily you can read a word. Then more of your reading brain power can go to understanding a story. The same goes for writing. If you know how to create a word with a vowel diphthong sound, you can spend more of your writing brain power on creating a unique and meaningful story. Understanding vowel patterns can help you become a stronger reader and writer!

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