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Learn to read | Phonics for kids | Long vowels - OU and OY


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Vowels are special letters. A word cannot exist without a vowel! But sometimes, when vowels are paired up with different letters they can make unique sounds. These sounds are called vowel diphthongs. Today we're going to learn about what happens when O is paired up with Y, U, and W. We'll see what new sounds O can make and what words these sounds can help us to read and write!

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Confused by what a diphthong is? Check out this video to gain a better understanding of how vowel diphthongs are formed.Did you know that there's one other O diphthong that we didn't learn about? OI-- it makes the same sound as OY! Take a peek at what words make the OI and OY sound in this video.Think you are a vowel diphthong expert? Try to read along and understand this story that uses OU and OW or sing along with this OY and OI song!

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