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The coronavirus explained and how you can combat it


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The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every nation on Earth. Whether it is the deadly nature and rapid transmission of this new virus or the life-changing economic impacts being felt around the world, we are being called into action to cure a new disease and to reconsider how we as humans interact. Kurzgesagt details what actually happens when COVID-19 infects a human and what should we all do to prevent its spread.

Hi. I hope you enjoyed this lesson and learned a lot about this virus. It's hard to imagine that we are facing one of the greatest challenges in modern history. As we all grapple with our new versions of normal, it is important to remember to slow down, ask questions, gather information, and make informed decisions based on best practices. There are incredible teams of scientists working on our behalf to solve this crisis. There are equal amounts of everyday heroes in our lives who are serving in hospitals, emergency services, media, stores(grocery/pharmacy), food service(prep and delivery), and public works who are all risking their own personal safety for the greater good. Take time to thank them if and when you can. Thanks to you for taking the lesson. Be safe. Will

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