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The coronavirus explained and how you can combat it


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The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every nation on Earth. Whether it is the deadly nature and rapid transmission of this new virus or the life-changing economic impacts being felt around the world, we are being called into action to cure a new disease and to reconsider how we as humans interact. Kurzgesagt details what actually happens when COVID-19 infects a human and what should we all do to prevent its spread.

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Harjinder Singh Kukreja shares an easy to follow video about how to properly wash your hands video.The video shared information from an amazing web site Our World In Data. It is another powerful reminder to us all how data is crucial to making informed decisions.With COVID 19 affecting the entire planet, many governments are coping with this pandemic in various ways. Testing and tracking seem to be the keys to getting ahead of and of flattening the transmission curve. Some nations (e.g., Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore) have implemented very effective actions while many others have left their doors open for harm to befall the present and future. This article from the Atlantic looks at how the COVID 19 is being managed in the USA.This wonderful video is a great way to explain COVID 19 to children. Note that it is in French, but the visuals are clear and the subtitles can be set to your preferred language. La COVID19 expliquée aux enfantsThere is never a time to back down when it comes to racism. The constant feed via social media of incidents playing out in public and online speaks to a deeper problem. This article from the Washington Post discusses how COVID 19 is causing an alarming amount of anti-asian racism.It's not all doom and gloom. In a recent TED Blog post it was refreshing to read how Disaster and crises bring out the best in us.In Toronto there is a group dedicated to #Caremongering instead of scaremongering. Opportunities for kindness like these allow for us to share our best in support of each other.As information is continuously updating, The Knowledge Society crafted an incredibly comprehensive look by publishing A COVID-19 Master Guide

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