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How much sleep do you actually need?


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Have you ever wanted to stay up past your bedtime? As a child, it was a nightly game to stay up late. Although, I lost most if not all of those battles, regular sleep was good for me. As I grew older, sleep became my friend, and is still an important part of my health. This lesson will show you some important facts about sleep and why it's so important for us to catch our nightly Zzzzzzz.

Our current school system could benefit from a more student friendly schedule. Many of the hours of operation for schools are determined by the bus and transportation companies and do little to consider the physical and mental well being of students. Some schools are beginning to address this by altering hours to suit students and are reaping the rewards for doing so. With such strong correlation between sleep and health (mental and physical), it would be wise to adopt a global practice of starting school day's off a little bit later. Thanks for taking this lesson. I wish you many many many great sleeps to come.

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