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How much sleep do you actually need?


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Have you ever wanted to stay up past your bedtime? As a child, it was a nightly game to stay up late. Although, I lost most if not all of those battles, regular sleep was good for me. As I grew older, sleep became my friend, and is still an important part of my health. This lesson will show you some important facts about sleep and why it's so important for us to catch our nightly Zzzzzzz.

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With so much learning occuring in front of screens, it is important to take our eyes off of them before trying to sleep. This Science News for Students article addresses some of the issues we can face when our screens are part of our pre-sleep routines.Sleep is your superpower TED talk.So many students in high school, college, and university are feeling pressure to succeed that they are pushing themselves to exede their own physical limits. This article from the Times of India addresses how less sleep can create mental health problems in college students.The creators of our lesson video also made a lesson to explain, "What If you Sleep 2 Hours Less Every Night?" It is a great companion to dig deeper on the importance of a good night's sleep.Did you know that there is something called the National Sleep Foundation? Check out their website for other sleep related links like this one

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