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How quickly do you judge a face?


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What is the first thing you look at when you meet a person? Most likely, it will have something to do with their face. Perhaps, their eyes, nose or shape of their head — subtle clues you may not even know you are picking up. Can you control what you perceive?  Could this influence how you feel about someone and even how you VOTE? SciFri takes a closer look. 

Additional Resources for you to Explore

Do you suffer from "Face-ism?" Read,"Is face-ism spoiling your life?" from the BBC and think about it!

Need to know more of the science behind this lesson? Scientific American's article: Your Facial Bone Structure Has A Big Influence on How People See You, provides some more science behind this idea. Then, take a look at this interesting article:  The many faces of research on face perception.

Is your face "trustworthy"? Discovery News has some insight!

Introvert or extrovert? Does your face betray you? Take a look here and see what you think!  

Children as young as three judge people by their looks? Watch this!

Find all of this fascinating yet quite disconcerting an the same time? Visit NPR and read this article: In Court, Your Face Could Determine Your Fate.

Be a part of Harvard's international study on implicit bias and take a test that shows you where your own implicit biases may lie: Project Implicit

How hard-wired is this facial judgement in your brain? Take a look at this research and find out. Isn't it amazing that someone blind from birth can still perceive faces? Your brain is an amazing thing!  

For fun, take a look at this National Geographic video: Face Games.

Contemplating how just a person's face can determine their electability? Read this article and get more details.

What and where is the amygdala? Watch the Amygdala in 5 Minutes!

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