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Where did Earth's water come from?


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The planets in our solar system are made up of varying formations of rocks, water (ice), and gases. Scientist have figured out where most of these materials come from except water. This led to more research and eventually ...the question: "Did water come from a galaxy far, far away? Realizing that water just wasn't here from the beginning, they had more discovering to do to explain its origins.

The more I learn about space and our solar system, the more I realize the vastness of it all. It is so difficult to ponder the cosmos and more often than not, I am in awe of the scientists that have made it their life's work to explore and explain it. Whether it is through technological advancements, space flight, or astronomy the beauty and deeper understanding of space is now only a few clicks away for those of us staying on terra firma. As a child, I dreamt of going to space like the astronauts on the Apollo missions, and then it was the Space Shuttle. As those dreams faded, I maintained a deep interest in the astronomy, physics, and engineering involved in the study of space. I am excited to see what is next as we continue our global pursuirt to explore beyond our terrestrial borders. One thing is for sure, I hope there is water.

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