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Where did Earth's water come from?


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The planets in our solar system are made up of varying formations of rocks, water (ice), and gases. Scientist have figured out where most of these materials come from except water. This led to more research and eventually ...the question: "Did water come from a galaxy far, far away? Realizing that water just wasn't here from the beginning, they had more discovering to do to explain its origins.

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There is so much scientific content to share about the planets. NASA does an excellent job at curating info from global experts and shares it in one space(pun intended).If you want to broaden your research then the main NASA site might be right for you.Since we are a great big global family of learners, The European Space Agency hosts a wonderful website dedicated to children too.Since there is so much happening beyond our atmosphere, let's not leave out some information about comets and asteroids. Here is the Canadian Space Agency's Asteroids page with more mind info for you. Make sure you scroll down to see the excellent graphic comparing everything from comets to meteorites to fireballs.All of this learning about water leads me to this question. Are there creatures on Earth that are better equipped to go without water than others? This BBC Earth page explains that there are many.

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