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The terrifying truth about bananas


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Yes, we might eventually have no bananas.  Is it really true?  Why are bananas, as we know them, now under the threat of extinction?  Can the fate of the Cavendish banana be changed?

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Curious about Panama Disease? Take a look here and learn more about how serious this disease is and exactly what is threatened by it.  

Although this video was made in 2013, the Cavendish Banana is believed to be even more in peril.  Why?  Read this article from the Smithsonian Magazine and find out!  There May Be No Saving The World's Top Banana may also give you some idea about how serious this issue is.  Finally, read, " Bye, Bye, Bananas." from the Washington Post.

How could such an "appealing" fruit have such a sordid past?  Well, start here with:  Unpeeling the Controversial History of Bananas.  For more on the history behind the banana, see here!  

Want to read a whole book about bananas?  Listen to this interview on Fresh Air at NPR.  

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