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How does my brain work? In this TED Playlist, the mysteries of the brain are explained by researchers at the edge of science.All kinds of minds asks the provocative question: What can the world learn from different kinds of minds? David Anderson describes the paradoxical effect of stimulants, like cocaine or Ritalin, on certain types of hyperactivity. Research into the so-called "Ritalin Paradox" at the molecular and cellular level has led to important new insights.At TEDxCaltech, Thomas R. lnsel, M.D., director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), explains that we need to stop thinking about “mental disorders” and start understanding them as “brain disorders" in his Talk "Toward a new understanding of mental illness."7 TED Talks about fruit flies! And why fruit fly research is no joke.
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How will developments in the understanding of neural circuits change the way we regard and treat individuals with psychiatric disorders?
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