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Why thinking about death helps you live a better life - Alua Arthur


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As a death doula, or someone who supports dying people and their loved ones, Alua Arthur spends a lot of time thinking about the end of life. In a profound talk that examines our brief time on this planet, she asks us to look at our lives through the lens of our deaths in seeking to answer the question: "What must I do to be at peace with myself so that I may live presently and die gracefully?"

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Check out Alua Arthur’s memoir, “briefly perfectly human,” which reframes how we think about death and how it can help us lead better, more fulfilling and authentic lives. Get to know more about Arthur and how she got involved in the field of death work with this article. Learn more about Going With Grace, the End of Life Training program seeking to expand the death doula community.

Listen to the podcast “We Can Do Hard Things” episode featuring Alua Arthur, speaking with host Glennon Doyle.

Watch this interview, as Katie Couric interviews three women about processing a terminal illness diagnosis and their own experiences with grief.

For as far back as we can trace our existence, humans have been fascinated with death and resurrection. But is resurrection really possible? And what is the actual difference between a living creature and a dead body anyway? Randall Hayes delves into the scientific theories that seek to answer these age-old questions.

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