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  • Educator Janet Iwasa
  • Director Javier Saldeña
  • Animator Javier Saldeña
  • Narrator Pen-Pen Chen


Additional Resources for you to Explore
One of the best resources to learn more about HIV/AIDS is Here you can get a lot of information about many aspects of HIV/AIDS, including how to reduce your risk of getting HIV, how HIV affects our immune system, what to do if you think you might be infected, and how HIV treatments work. The Center for Disease Control also has an informational video that can answer any other questions you may have. Could there ever be a vaccine for HIV? Check out this TED Ed lesson: HIV and flu—the vaccine strategy by Seth Berkley.

For a global view of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, including guidelines and statistics, visit the World Health Organization website. Then visit UNAIDS, the United Nations website dedicated to helping stop the global spread of HIV. The World Health Organization’s “Let’s Do Right By Everyone,” provides a global health sector guide in this video. Are you a visual learner? For a unique representation of HIV numbers across the world watch Hans Rosling with his Insights on HIV in stunning data visuals.

If you’re interested in seeing what HIV looks like at the molecular scale, you can view an accurate interactive illustration of the virus created using data collected by biologists. Animations and additional illustrations of the HIV life cycle are viewable at the Science of HIV website and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. To learn more peruse the AIDS: Evolution of an Epidemic and view lectures on various HIV/AIDS related topics from HHMI.

There are also several TED Talks about HIV/AIDS here at: 10 ideas for ending HIV/AIDS. Watch and learn.