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  • Educator John Pollard
  • Animator Andrew Foerster
  • Sound Designer Devin Polaski
  • Narrator Addison Anderson


Additional Resources for you to Explore
Here is a video John Pollard produced which discusses these concepts in more detail.
Here is a link to John's YouTube channel where he discusses many other important and relevant topics in chemistry. It is designed for introductory University level general chemistry.
If you want to really challenge yourself, here is an article by Professor David Chandler, a theoretical expert on topics like the hydrophobic effect. This is a great summary of how we currently model why oil and water do not mix.
Here is an amazing demonstration of the hydrophobic effect in an extreme case. Can you use entropy to explain what is happening?
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How can this effect, often referred to as the “hydrophobic effect”, be essential to understanding how life could have emerged from simple molecules?
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