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5 philosophers on anger - Delaney Thull


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Anger is a complicated emotion. It can feel reasonable and righteous or impulsive and uncontrollable. Anger can be an important part of letting us know when something immoral is happening, but finding the right response to those psychological alarm bells can be tricky. So, is it ever right to be angry? And if so, when? Delaney Thull takes a philosophical look at this powerful emotion.

Additional Resources for you to Explore

Want to understand the role of anger in your own life? Here’s a TED talk about it. Do you ever wish you weren’t angry? Think about exploring strategies for managing your angry emotions. Learn about the science of how anger happens in your brain and body. 

Interested in the thinkers in this video? Learn more about the philosophical views of Aristotle, Śāntideva, and the ancient Stoics (this video about Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean is particularly informative). For more modern perspectives, learn about the lives and social activism of King, Mandela, and Gandhi. You can also read about why Myisha Cherry uses rage to fuel her activism — or explore this piece from Martha Nussbaum about Nelson Mandela and his relationship with anger.

Interested in some more examples? Consider whether violence is ever an appropriate response to anger with scenarios involving a bully and a political opponent. These cases were provided to students taking part in the National High School Ethics Bowl program, produced by the Parr Center for Ethics at UNC-Chapel Hill. They explore the ethical implications of various real-world scenarios, adding some questions for reflection. You can discuss them with your friends, peers, or classmates.

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