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What is Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox? - Colm Kelleher


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Can you ever travel from one place to another? Ancient Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea gave a convincing argument that all motion is impossible - but where's the flaw in his logic? Colm Kelleher illustrates how to resolve Zeno's Dichotomy Paradox.

Another paradox, similar to the dichotomy, but slightly more complicated, is called Achilles and the Tortoise. In this paradox, Achilles - the fastest runner in all Greece - races a tortoise. Achilles, confident of victory, agrees to give the tortoise a head start. À la Zeno, construct an argument that “proves” that Achilles will never catch up with the tortoise.

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  • Director Candy Kugel
  • Educator Colm Kelleher
  • Producer Marilyn Kraemer
  • Animator Rick Broas
  • Narrator Colm Kelleher

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