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What happened to the lost Kingdom of Kush? - Geoff Emberling


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Along the Nile River, in what is now northern Sudan, lay the ancient civilization of Kush. Though they were once conquered by a powerful neighbor, the kings and queens of Kush would go on to successfully challenge two of the most dominant empires in history: the Egyptians and the Romans. So what happened to this African kingdom? Geoff Emberling details the rise and fall of the Kush empire.

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Ancient Kush is probably better known as Nubia, even though the ancient people who built the cities, palaces, temples, and pyramids of this empire called it Kush. So looking more broadly for further information about Kush, we have to include some material on Nubia.

A written overview of Kush with photos is here.

The richest online museum collection relating to ancient Kush is in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Their collection search tool leads to photos of individual objects with additional information about them. Try searching the names of the capital cities of Kush (Kerma, Jebel Barkal, and Meroe) as well as the royal cemeteries of El-Kurru and Nuri. All of them were excavated by the American archaeologist George Reisner from 1913-1924, and he brought back abundant material from these projects.

There are several recent longer documentaries that showcase recent archaeological work in Sudan relating to ancient Kush. None of them is currently freely available, but can be viewed for a modest fee:

Africa’s Great Civilizations, part 1 (PBS, 2017)
Lost Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs (Science Channel, 2019)

A Smithsonian magazine article by the Sudanese author Isma’il Kushkush (2021) discusses recent archaeological work on ancient Kush.

A 2018 lecture by Geoff Emberling discusses some of the ways that Kush has been remembered in history.

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