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The shape-shifting future of the mobile phone - Fabian Hemmert


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Fabian Hemmert demos one future of the mobile phone -- a shape-shifting and weight-shifting handset that "displays" information nonvisually, offering a delightfully intuitive way to communicate. (Filmed at TEDxBerlin.)

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Fabian Hemmert describes ways that cell phones could become more human. Learn more about the history of cell phones to see how far they've already come. Mobile devices will soon be breathing, growing, changing shape - what about smelling? Here is another concept for an eyes-free cell phone. And check out this fetus-like cell phone that tickles the viewer when a call comes in! Along with his shape-shifting mobile phones, Fabian Hemmert's newest work explores haptic feedback in pens. In his spare time, he also developed a hanging jukebox. Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase's investigation into the ways we interact with technology has led him from the villages of Uganda to the insides of our pockets. In the TED talk, "The anthropology of mobile phones," he shares some unexpected discoveries he made along the way.

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