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  • Educator Kate Green
  • Director Steff Lee
  • Animator Jack Ross
  • Script Editor Addison Anderson
  • Narrator Addison Anderson


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A female who is considered one of Egypt’s most forward thinking pharaohs? Hatshepsut was just that woman. Read here how Egypt grew and was at peace during her years of rule. Hatshepsut actually took on many of the duties similar to the king of Egypt during her reign. Read National Geographic’s story, The King Herself and discover more about her lineage, accomplishments, and struggles. Why might people believe there was an attempt to erase her from the history of Egypt?

Was there a darker side to Hatshepsut that no one suspected? Did she really take on the appearance of a man to be successful? How did someone attempt to erase evidence of her from temples and tombs? Read this article from Smithsonian Magazine and find out. Watch Secrets of Egypt’s Lost Queen and find out about the quest to discover who exactly tried to erase Hatshepsut from history. Was it her jealous and infuriated stepson Thutmose III?

Hatshepsut left behind beautiful buildings and temples meant to represent her and her reign. Visit her funeral temple at this site.

A long search was made to find the remains of Hatshepsut. Where was her mummified body? Why was it not in her funeral temple? Her remains were discovered in 2007 in a servant’s tomb. Watch and learn what a single preserved tooth had to do with the discovery of Hatshepsut’s mummified body. A New York Times article, Tooth May Have Solved Mummy Mystery, tells the whole story. A mummy, a mystery, a molar and ancient dentistry! Listen to NPR’s Talk of the Nation and learn more. Visit National Geographic and view pictures of her mummified body.