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Daylight Savings Time is practiced in many parts of the world. What is Daylight Savings Time and how did it come to be? Certain parts of the world and even certain cities and states in the United States do not observe Daylight Savings Time. Do you think Daylight Savings Time is necessary? Would it be better if everyone participated? Where you live, would you prefer to opt in or out of Daylight Savings Time? Why?

Benjamin Franklin and George Vernon Hudson both had strong feelings on telling time, time zones and changing time. Compare their different viewpoints. How were they alike? What was different? Imagine going to lunch with these two. What would they say to one another? What questions would you want to ask them?

Try to go one day without ever checking the time. Is it possible or are you just too surrounded by clocks (cell phones, computer screens, media, etc.) to not be aware of the time? What would happen if you never had access to the time?

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World Clock here and here.
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