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The good news of the decade? - Hans Rosling


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Hans Rosling reframes 10 years of UN data with his spectacular visuals, lighting up an astonishing -- mostly unreported -- piece of front-page-worthy good news: We're winning the war against child mortality. Along the way, he debunks one flawed approach to stats that blots out such vital stories. (Filmed at TEDxChange.)

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This United Nations page provides detailed official statistics on mortality rates. Based on figures from the 2011 revision of the United Nations World Population Prospects report and the CIA World Factbook, this map displays countries by infant mortality rate. At the end of his talk, Hans Rosling discusses the direct impact of female education on child mortality rates. More information on this connection can be found in the Scientific American article, "Female Education Reduces Child and Infant Mortality Rates." Data visionary Hans Rosling's favorite Talks keep an eye toward health, economics and population growth -- from business in Africa to youth culture in China.

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