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Build or buy a SpikerBox and try out some of the experiments at Gage’s Backyard Brains web site:
In a 2011 interview in EdWeek, Greg Gage talks about why it’s so important for the general public to understand basic brain anatomy and function. Reflecting on traditional science text books, he says, "They do talk about cellular communications, but don't really call out anything about neurons, which is really funny, because one in five of us is going to die of a neurodegenerative disease." (
See what crickets can tell us about stroke patients.
Learn more about what some researchers are calling “the coming neurological epidemic” by watching Gregory Petsko’s TED talk at
Invite a local physician (if possible, a neurologist) or neuroscience researcher to lead a discussion of Petsko’s talk and share his or her own experiences.
Backyard Brains
Children’s Hospital Boston: The Neuron
HHMI: Building Brains: The Molecular Logic of Neural Circuits
Society for Neuroscience: Neuroscience Education Resources
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