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Should you donate your DNA to help cure diseases? - Greg Foot


TEDEd Animation

Let’s Begin…

When scientists don't know the cause of a medical condition, developing a drug treatment takes significant trial and error, and lots of money— which is why we only have drugs for a small proportion of diseases. Researchers are hoping to change this using crowdsourced DNA. So how does this work, and what do your genes have to do with it? Greg Foot digs into the science of therapeutic targets.

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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Greg Foot
  • Director Pierangelo Pirak
  • Narrator Greg Foot
  • Animator Pomona Pictures
  • Science Consultant Aroon Hingorani, Reecha Sofat
  • Producer NIHR University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre,
  • Special Thanks Rosamund Yu, Davor Ivankovic

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