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Identify women who are professional leaders in your own community. Invite them to a screening of Sandberg’s talk and ask them to react to her observations and share their own perspectives. How would they expand upon, refine or refute Sandberg’s points? What other advice would they add for women in the workplace? According to one of the studies cited by Sandberg, women are doing about twice as much house work and three times as much child care as their spouses, even when both are working full-time jobs. Explore the causes of this phenomenon and the ways in which it’s being reinforced. For example, consider the following: The New York Times: The Census Bureau counts fathers as ‘child care’ (02/08/2012) The Washington Post: Santorum and the bulletproof glass ceiling (01/31/2012) Design and distribute a survey for couples in your own community. Ask spouses/partners to answer individually, reporting on their own domestic responsibilities and what they perceive to be the responsibilities of their partner. Analyze the results in aggregate. What does the data show, in terms of the types of responsibilities and the amount of time spent for men vs. women? How accurately does each group perceive the responsibilities of the other? How happy is each group with the status quo, and what would they like to see change? Makers: Sheryl Sandberg The New York Times: The $1.6 billion dollar woman, staying on message (02/04/2012) US News & World Report: Business schools hope to shatter sturdy glass ceiling (06/15/2011) Fast Company: What glass ceiling? Killer career advice from women who lead by example (03/05/2012) The United Nations: The World’s Women 2010: Trends and Statistics
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