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Rapid prototyping Google Glass - Tom Chi


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Rapid prototyping is a method used to accelerate the innovation process. At TEDYouth 2012, Tom Chi explains how this method was used to create one of Google's newest inventions, Google Glass.

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Here is Tom Chi's website: http://www.tomchi.comProject Glass is a research and development program by Google to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). Project Glass products would display information in smartphone-like format, would be hands-free, and could interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands. Also, see here.Google X was a project released by Google Labs on March 15, 2005 and rescinded a day later. It consisted of the traditional Google search bar, but it was made to look like the Dock user interfacefeature of Apple's Mac OS X operating system. Google did not release any official statement as to why the project was shut down. Although Google X has been taken down, several mirrors still exist.User experience (UX or UE) is the way a person feels about using a product, system, or service. User experience highlights the experiential, affective, meaningful, and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership, but it also includes a person’s perceptions of the practical aspects such as utility, ease of use, and efficiency of the system. User experience is subjective in naturebecause it is about an individual’s feelings and thoughts about the system. User experience is dynamic because it changes over time as the circumstances change.Ergonomics derives from two Greek words: ergon, meaning work, and nomoi, meaning natural laws, to create a word that means the science of work and a person’s relationship to that work.

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