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Carl Zimmer writes books and articles about science. Here you can find excerpts and reviews of his books, an archive of his articles, and information about his upcoming talks and his award-winning blog, The Loom.Here's a video of the emerald jewel wasp.Cockroaches are insects of the order Blattaria or Blattodea, of which about 30 species out of 4,500 total are associated with human habitats. About four species are well known as pests.What is a parasite?
Onchocerciasis, also known as river blindness and Robles disease, is a parasitic disease caused by infection by Onchocerca volvulus, a nematode (roundworm).Frederic Libersat of Ben Gurion University in Israel wrote a paper on the emerald wasp and the free will of cockroaches. Carl Zimmer's blog post about Libersat's work.A scary video of the Emerals Wasp.
A zombie is an "animated corpse resurrected by mystical means, such as witchcraft". The term is often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotized person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli. Since the late 19th century, zombies have acquired notable popularity, especially in North American and European folklore.Diagnosing a zombie: Brain and body - Tim Verstynen & Bradley Voytek
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