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Minium, which means red lead, is the naturally occurring form of lead tetroxide, Pb2+2Pb4+O4 also known as red lead. Willard Wiggan learned to create art so tiny that it can't be seen with the naked eye. His slideshow of figures, as seen through a microscope, can only be described as mind-boggling. This website is all about miniature things, and it features the hand-crafted work of Lottie Clinedinst. Mini Things specializes in hand-crafted accessories for Department 56 Village displays. train gardens, miniature villages, and dollhouses. How do we see things too small to be detected by the human eye? What about things inside our own bodies? At TEDYouth 2012, Dee Breger uses a scanning electron microscope to give us a glimpse of images including blood clots, thyroid glands, and lungs with pneumonia. See all the other Mysteries of Vernacular Lessons here.