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Take the Moral Foundations Questionnaire that Haidt and his colleagues have posted at Find a way to anonymously aggregate and analyze the results with your classmates. Together, discuss the following:Do you think that the survey questions lead to a thorough and accurate assessment of an individual’s morality? Are there questions you would add or revise? Do you think that your class’ results are representative of the larger community in which you live? Why or why not?When they developed their Moral Foundations Theory, Haidt and his colleagues initially identified five moral foundations. Subsequently, they invited people to nominate other dimensions that might be added. Explore some of the suggestions at Which do you think are particularly compelling? What would you add, if anything, to Haidt’s initial list of five?Jonathan Haidt: Moral Foundations Theory Utne Reader: Liberals aren’t un-American. Conservatives aren’t ignorant. (Sept-Oct 2009) Today:Jonathan Haidt’s Moral-Political Psychology (01/01/2012) Chronicle of Higher Education: Jonathan Haidt decodes the tribal psychology of politics (01/29/2012)
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