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Here's a video by National Geographic about the new technology necessary to rest the largest dome ever built onto a square base.

Istanbul Between East and West: Crossroads of History

A Mediterranean Summer of Learning and Travel A few months ago, I applied for a special grant through the National Endowment for the Humanities to learn more about how Istanbul was a major gateway between the Eastern and Western worlds. A grant is typically a monetary award given by the government or an organization to support a cause, or in this case, to help teachers become better teachers and learn more about what they teach. You can read more about what Ms. Wall will be studying and where she will travel here.
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During the 8th and 9th centuries there was a period of iconoclasm, which resulted in the destruction of idols, mosaics and other figurative works of art. Debate around the veneration or worship of images became matched up with equal disdain for worshiping images; those who supported the iconoclasm believed that the viewer was misguided by worshiping an image rather than what the image represents.
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Since, the secular revolution in 1935, led by Kemal Attaturk, the Hagia Sophia has been commemorated as a museum, open to the public, but not for worship. Does worship still play a role in the present form and function of the Hagia Sophia? Explain your position thoughtfully.
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