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Is there a center of the universe? - Marjee Chmiel and Trevor Owens


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It’s been a long road to the discovery that Earth is not the center of the Solar System, the Milky Way, or the universe; great thinkers from Aristotle to Bruno have grappled with it for millennia. But if we aren't at the center of the universe, what is? Marjee Chmiel and Trevor Owens discuss where we stand in the (very) big scheme of things.

From the video, identify three scientific contributions that led to the broader adoption of the sun-centered model of the solar system. Explain why these contributions were important factors in supporting a sun-centered model.

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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Marjee Chmiel, Trevor Owens
  • Animator Qa'ed Mai
  • Narrator Michelle Snow

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