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Even though we must use it carefully, we have figured out many ways to use radiation to improve the quality of life for people all around the world. Learn a little more about all the ways radiation is used in this essay: A Day With The Atom…living with zest, from the American Nuclear Society.

This study reviews the risk of radiation from medical imaging.

Ask the expert: radiation exposure in the United States.

Learning the lessons of Fukushima.

Agriculture, art, and medicine all have something in common: radiation. Explore the applications of radiation in more detail from food safety to space travel here.

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Talk to your teacher about how to evaluate websites for potential bias. The American Nuclear Society states that they are an organization that “will be the recognized, credible advocate for advancing and promoting nuclear science and technology.” Take an objective look at their site and then have a discussion about if you feel that the American Nuclear Society is fair in how they discuss the risks and rewards of nuclear radiation on their website.