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  • Educator Carolina Molinari
  • Director Franz Palomares
  • Narrator Michelle Snow


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Carolina Molinari is a photographer and educator from Argentina. In her web page MolinariPixel you will find information, articles and videos about photography in Spanish.
Here you will find great photography DIY ideas, tricks and more!
With this app you can practice working with aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
Our eyes are practically magical, but they cannot see everything. For instance, the naked eye cannot see the moment where all four of a horse’s legs are in the air or the gradual life cycle of plants -- but cameras can capture these moments. Bill Shribman gives examples where photography can pick up where the eye leaves off.
The origins of the cameras we use today were invented in the 19th century. Or were they? A millenia before, Arab scientist Alhazen was using the camera obscura to duplicate images, with Leonardo da Vinci following suit 500 years later and major innovations beginning in the 19th century. Eva Timothy tracks the trajectory from the most rudimentary cameras to the ubiquity of them today.
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Nowadays, using automatic compact cameras and smartphones, combined with great free apps, we can get fantastic photos.
07/29/2013 • 
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