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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Cheri Steinkellner
  • Director Anton Bogaty
  • Animator Anton Bogaty
  • Sound Designer Weston Fonger
  • Narrator Cheri Steinkellner


Additional Resources for you to Explore
Would watching some videos about comedy help give you some insight into writing comedy?  Take a look at:  The Writers Room: A Workshop – Celebrating the Art of TV Comedy or this workshop describing how writers on a television comedy develop their material.  Ever wonder how writers like those on the Simpson’s or Frasier develop their ideas? Watch:  A Discussion with Simpsons Writer/Producer Jay Kogen.
Interested in comedy written by the educator involved in this lesson?  Check out this new comedy, HELLO! MY BABY.  Then, visit this link to listen to some songs and view some view some video about Hello! My Baby.

Would reading inspire you to get out there and write some comedy?  Well, there are some great books to take a look at.  Start with: What Are You Laughing At? A Comprehensive Guide To The Comedic Event.   Then move on to:  Show Me The Funny and The TV Writer’s Workbook. Want a title that sounds just as interesting as the topic itself?  Poking at a Dead Frog: Conversations with Top Comedy Writers, has just what you may be looking for.
These articles may also inspire to give comedy writing a try!  Visit:  Sitcom Character Archetypes for some ideas. NPR has an article and an interview:  Comedy Writing: How To Be Funny. Finally read: Amy Poehler’s Advice To Comedy Writers.  Now it’s your turn, sit down in your favorite spot, and start writing some comedy!