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How to 3D print human tissue - Taneka Jones


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There are currently hundreds of thousands of people on transplant lists, waiting for critical organs like kidneys, hearts and livers that could save their lives. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough donor organs available to fill that demand. What if, instead of waiting, we could create new, customized organs from scratch? Taneka Jones explores bioprinting, a new branch of regenerative medicine.

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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Taneka Jones
  • Director Luísa Holanda
  • Narrator Addison Anderson
  • Art Director Luísa Holanda
  • Illustrator Luísa Holanda
  • Animator Rafael Padua
  • Producer Cristina Arikawa
  • Associate Producer Victoria Farina, Bethany Cutmore-Scott
  • Sound Designer Onomato Conteúdo
  • Executive Producer Gabriel Garcia
  • Production Supervisor Mauricio Brunner
  • Director of Production Gerta Xhelo
  • Editorial Producer Alex Rosenthal
  • Script Editor Alex Gendler
  • Fact-Checker Laura Shriver

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