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How this disease changes the shape of your cells - Amber M. Yates


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What shape are your cells? Squishy cylinders? Jagged zig-zags? You might not spend a lot of time thinking about the bodies of these building blocks, but microscopically, small variations can have huge consequences. And while some adaptations change these shapes for the better, others can spark debilitating complications. Amber Yates dives into the science of the malignant sickle-cell mutation.

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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Amber M. Yates
  • Director Doug Walp
  • Narrator Susan Zimmerman
  • Art Director Doug Walp
  • 3D Animator Doug Walp
  • Director of Production Gerta Xhelo
  • Editorial Producer Alex Rosenthal
  • Associate Editorial Producer Dan Kwartler
  • Associate Producer Bethany Cutmore-Scott
  • Script Editor Eleanor Nelsen
  • Fact-Checker Laura Shriver

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