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How the Normans changed the history of Europe - Mark Robinson


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In the year 1066, 7,000 Norman infantry and knights sailed in warships across the English Channel. Their target: England, home to more than a million people. Around the same period of time, other groups of Normans were setting forth all across Europe. Who were these warriors, and how did they leave their mark so far and wide? Mark Robinson shares a brief history of the Normans.

Additional Resources for you to Explore

Investigating the Normans is a great way to learn more about medieval history.

For a good starting place, check out this timeline that traces the Normans from their Viking settlement in northern France to the loss of Normandy by King John.

Click here to read an overall outline of the Norman Conquest.

To view an animated version of the Bayeux Tapestry, click here.

The Domesday Book still exists and is kept in the National Archives in the United Kingdom. You can search for individual places (try a famous British site or even your favourite football team) by clicking here.

With regard to their architecture, the Normans controlled lands in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Normandy, parts of Italy, and Malta, as well as parts of modern-day Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Israel. The Sicilian city of Palermo has a magnificent Norman palace and cathedral. You can explore some of the best surviving Norman buildings here.

To explore the Normans’ involvement in the First Crusade, check out this site.

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