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  • Educator Mia Nacamulli
  • Director Chris Boyle
  • Animator Chris Boyle
  • Narrator Addison Anderson


Additional Resources for you to Explore
Your brain is like a machine that needs specific materials to function well. This website breaks down the different nutritional parts that are necessary, and how they interact with the brain. Take a look and learn about some brain food.

Glucose is the brain’s fuel. Interested in the interaction between our mental performance and the amount of glucose we have? How about the effects of extreme dips in glucose, like during starvation? What effect does this have on our mental functioning? Find out more here: Glucose and mental performance.

Those amino acids are essential for brain function too. Click here for the dummy’s list of essential amino acids and which foods are best for getting them. Have you thought about changing your diet a bit? How can proteins help?

Don’t forget about those micronutrients! What exactly does the brain do with micronutrients? Does it matter if we get enough of them?

What happens if our brains, specifically young, growing brains, don’t get the nutrition they need? Food insecurity at a young age can have direct effects on early brain functioning.

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