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Additional Resources for you to Explore
What exactly is futurist? Want to know more? Visit the World Future Society.

Want to learn more about the history of science fiction? Visit Tom Lombardo’s Center for Future Consciousness: a place for science fiction lovers to learn about the history of the field. Take some time and peruse the website. The Library has great resources from both the web and print.

Interested in reading a blog about science fiction and the future cycle times? Check out Roey Tzezana’s Curating the Future blog post that explains how science fiction enables us to look further into the future by expanding our future thinking.

Intel’s The Tomorrow Project: creating anthologies of science fiction stories that teach us specifically about certain futures. The anthologies are open for reading by all! What an opportunity. Take advantage of this and spend some time looking through the site, find something of interest and sit back and read it!

Do you think science fiction can be used as a way to study the future? This book by futurist Brian David Johnson: Science Fiction Prototyping might just be what you have been looking for.