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How polarity makes water behave strangely - Christina Kleinberg


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Water is both essential and unique. Many of its particular qualities stem from the fact that it consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen, therefore creating an unequal sharing of electrons. From fish in frozen lakes to ice floating on water, Christina Kleinberg describes the effects of polarity.

Additional Resources for you to Explore

Water is truly an amazing substance. Check out the water properties section on the United States Geological Survey (USGS) website to find out more about what makes water so special.
Click on this link to access the National Science Foundation’s “A Special Report: The Chemistry of Water” where you can click through a series of links to get more in-depth information on water chemistry.
Check out this link for some quick and interesting experiments that illustrate some of the properties of water discussed in the TED-Ed animation.
Click this link to complete a virtual lab that examines some of the properties of water.

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  • Director Alan Foreman
  • Educator Christina Kleinberg
  • Narrator Christina Kleinberg

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