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How green hydrogen could end the fossil fuel era


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As climate change accelerates, finding clean alternatives to fossil fuels is more urgent than ever. Social entrepreneur Vaitea Cowan believes green hydrogen is the answer. Watch as she shares her team's work mass producing electrolyzers and shows how they could help make green, carbon-free fuel affordable and accessible for everyone.

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Green hydrogen is a form of hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power, through electrolysis. It can become a key player in the transition to a low-carbon economy, as it can be used as a clean fuel for transportation, heating, and power generation. Accelerating the production of green hydrogen requires increased investment in renewable energy sources and the development of more efficient and cost-effective electrolysis technology. Governments and private companies are already investing in this promising technology. As its production costs continue to decrease, it could become a significant part of our energy mix in the future.

To unpack more of the complexities around green hydrogen and its promises to help us reach net zero, check out this video.

Startups around the world are working on new ways of producing hydrogen, a clean alternative to fossil fuels that could one day power the grid, transportation and heavy industry.

Here are just a few exciting examples:

Air Liquide: A French industrial gas company that is a major player in the green hydrogen market, with projects in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Siemens Energy: A German energy technology company that is involved in the development of hydrogen production, transportation, and storage technologies, with a focus on green hydrogen.

Plug Power: A US-based company that specializes in the development of fuel cell technologies and hydrogen infrastructure solutions for a variety of industries, including transportation, logistics, and stationary power.

Nel Hydrogen: A Norwegian company that specializes in the production of hydrogen generation equipment, including electrolysers, and is actively involved in developing green hydrogen technologies.

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